How It Works

IMPORTANT NOTE – Since the program’s inception and recording of these videos, PayPal has made some policy changes regarding the aforementioned 2.2% promotional transactions fees.  Transaction fees will be at 2.9% for all Domestic Credit Cards, American Express Card Transactions will be 3.5% and International Transactions fees will be 3.9%  For more information on PayPal Fees go to

Pay-4 Script is very easy to use for you, the service provider, as well as your client in paying for your product and/or service.  Once you have signed up for Pay-4-Script, created your PayPal Merchant Account in our National Account Program and customized your Pay-4-Script Banner, a combined effort of 30-45 minutes, you will be on your way to much easier and far faster collections.

Pay-4-Script Video Demo – The Business Case

Pay-4-Script Video Demo – How It Works